Backwater Valve Installation

What is a backwater valve?

It is a small device that can be fitted in the basement of homes on the main sewer line. This valve will close automatically when the main line backs up due to flooding. This prevents sewage from backing up into the basement.

How does it work?

The valve closes access from your home to the main sewer line. This prevents water and waste from entering your home sewage system from the main line. However, when the valve is closed, water and waste from your home cannot drain into the main sewer line either. Due to this, you must be very careful with how much water and waste you flush down the drain.

Benefits of Backwater Valves:

Flood Protection

Heavy rainstorms cause flooding, which can overflow the sewage system. If connected to the main line, your basement could be flooded with water from the sewer. A backwater valve is a necessary investment that protect your home from this damage.

Prevent costly expenses in the future

Although it may seem like a costly expense at the moment, it is a necessary investment in your home that will save you from widespread damage and more money out of your pocket in the future.

Automatic shut-off

These units are equipped to be automatically shut off when the water level gets too high. This shut off gives assurance that no sewage water or waste will enter your home from the main line.

Easy Installation Process:

The technician will dig a clear-cut hole into the basement floor

The sewer line, which connects all the water sources in your home, will be replaced

The backwater valve will be installed along the replaced sewer line

Easy as 1-2-3