Billing & Payment

Is Canadian Smart Savings Charging me?

Yes, we will charge you a rental amount equivalent to the amount that is stated on your rental agreement for an agreed upon term. The payment will be withdrawn from your bank account.

Will My Natural Gas And Electricity Bill Be Different If I Sign Up With Canadian Smart Savings?

No, you will continue to be billed by your utility for natural gas and electricity. The only difference will be that you may experience some savings based on the program that you have selected.

Are There Additional Fees That My Utility May Be Charging Me?

No, The utilities will not be charging you more for signing up with Canadian Smart Savings.

Who Do I Contact For Questions Regarding My Bill?

If you have any other questions regarding the utility bills you must contact the utility provider

Where And How Do I Pay My Energy Bill?

Contact your utility provider to determine what methods can be used to pay your bill

Does Canadian Smart Savings Use A Collection Agency?

Yes, like most major companies, Canadian Smart Savings does use a collection agency when necessary.

Electricity Time-Of-Use Pricing

What Is Time-Of-Use (Tou) Pricing?

The provincial government has imposed a new complicated electricity plan known as Time-of-Use Pricing where the rate you are charged depends on when you use your electricity and the rates are different for On-Peak usage hours, Mid-Peak usage hours and Off-Peak usage hours. Mid-Peak and On-Peak hours flip in the winter and summer due to demand factors and rates can change every 6 months.

What Is A “Smart Meter”?

A smart meter automatically tracks how much electricity your home uses and when it is used. This information appears on your monthly energy bills.

General Overview of Canadian Smart Savings

Who Is Canadian Smart Savings?

Canadian Smart Savings is a leading Smart Home Rental Program provider in Canada and one of the largest rental providers bringing energy solutions, smart home and automation to approximately 8500 customers. Our rental programs provide innovative solutions that allow our customers to choose from an array of plans to suit their lifestyle and comfort levels with market knowledge that includes flexible plans. Canadian Smart Savings also provides green energy products that provide a real and convenient solution for consumers to offset the environmental impact associated with their everyday energy use.

What Markets Does Canadian Smart Savings Service?

Canadian Smart Savings currently serves customers across Canada in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec.

Is Canadian Smart Savings Licensed?

Yes, the company is fully licensed to operate in all of its markets.

Can Anyone Sign Up With Canadian Smart Savings?

Adults who reside in areas, in which Canadian Smart Savings operates, are eligible to choose one of our programs. Please fill out a Request Form for more specific information.

Green Energy Products

What Is A Green Energy Product?

A green product is a product that is certified by Energy Star and is designed to reduce your carbon emission and environmental footprint.

Does Canadian Smart Savings Offer Green Energy Products?

Yes, Canadian Smart Savings does offer green energy products in Canada.

Why Should I Buy A Green Energy Product?

Buying a green energy product is your opportunity to take action on the growing global and local urgency associated with climate change, while simultaneously increasing consumer demand for sustainable and renewable green energy solutions.

What products and services does Canadian Smart Savings offer?

Most home improvement products and services including Smart Home Automation devices offered by Nest.

How does home improvement rental programs work?

Canadian Smart Savings purchases the products and services you select from the supplier and installs them into your home. The installation gets completed by a trained and certified technician. You then make your monthly payment to us for an agreed upon term.

Who owns the rental/leased equipment?

Canadian Smart Savings owns the rental equipment until you decide to purchase it or until the end of the term.

What are my payment options?

In order to keep our rates competitive, Canadian Smart Savings uses PAP (pre-authorized payment) to debit your bank account for your monthly payment.

Can I cancel my rental agreement?

Rental agreements are in effect for the length of the term as stated on the agreement. However, you can purchase the equipment at any time or transfer the responsibilities to a subsequent homeowner. In some cases, and with Canadian Smart Savings’ written permission, the equipment can also be moved to another location.

What happens at the end of the rental agreement?

For rental or lease agreements, you will have an option to purchase the equipment at the end of the contract for a nominal pre-determined price, which will be disclosed to you when you sign your contract.

Can I purchase the equipment at any time?

Yes. The Canadian Smart Savings rental agreement can be paid off at any time by purchasing the equipment.

What if I sell my house during the contract period?

Most Canadian Smart Savings Rental agreements can be transferred upon sale of your home providing the buyer agrees.

Where do I get my warranty and service?

Warranty and service are provided by us or by the manufacturer. All rental equipment comes with a complete lifetime parts and labor warranty.